While Liam keeps Smiling, we must keep fighting

Liam's Story

On July 15th 2010 our lives were changed forever. Our son Liam Doyle contracted Bacterial Meningitis, and in the wee hours of that terrible morning in intensive care a junior doctor gave me the telephone number for Meningitis Now. Since leaving the hospital some four years on we have continued to be supported by this wonderful charity. In May of this year Liam was again treated for pneumococcal septicaemia then immediately after contracted strep b. Meningitis Now have been providing support and guidance not just for Liam but for the whole of our family. Many of you who know us appreciate that Liam spends too much time in hospital and that each time Liam goes down, we fight as a family to get Liam better, but no one fights more than Liam.

We often know when things are going to get better, not by what the doctors tell us, but when we start to see Liam’s smile come back - firstly in his eyes and then slowly in his mouth, and that’s is when we know that this fight has been won this time around.

As a family we remain on our guard and we are always aware there could be a next time, this is why we would like you who have followed Liam's journey to come and support us as a family to raise money for a wonderful, supportive and sympathetic charity that has given us so much strength. 

While Liam keeps Smiling we must keep fighting.

liam smiles and harry doyle